Evacuation of Poplar River, MB

2017-08-30 03:58:00 by botnot435

So, I'm in Winnipeg right? And how I got here was because there was LOTS & LOTS & LOTS of Smoke blowing to our Reserve vrom the Winds.

I'm MOSTLY on Facebook, so you can Contact me there such as (Newgrounds Users, these guys/girl have Facebook ):





SIDE NOTE: EarthBound Flash, a game that I wanted to get Started on was probably like... A YEAR ago or so!!? (Yeah...)

So, some guys wanted it back? Okay, I get it, you want to play an EarthBound Game on Newgrounds (Final Boss) and... Well, let's get Started on it, now is the time to do it... Right?



(IF you want to Team up with me, of course)

(Here is a Video, but be CAREFUL! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJ42Afr_F3E a Video on what the PSI Effects/Attacks, those are ALL of it)



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2017-08-31 01:34:17

,,My comment'' with no reason :)

botnot435 responds:

At least you were the FIRST to Comment, bro, THANK YOU


2017-09-06 20:53:51

Awesome! You want me to draw up some of my own rendetions of Ness and the gang? Maybe some overworld sprites etc

botnot435 responds:

Yeah, but remember! This is ONLY gonna be the Final Boss! ( Or if you want it FULL, fine by which one)


2017-09-09 15:17:57


That I just changed.

botnot435 responds:

Really? Well.... BREAKING NEWS!!!


2017-09-11 21:18:29

Just uploaded some early drawings. they are transparent so you can just download them, crop them and drag them right into your game. Some stylized early sketches of Ness and Paula, enjoy and please let me know if you did because it means a lot :)

botnot435 responds:

Thanks but... What do you mean...?


2017-09-16 18:50:13

Just made overworld sprites for Poo, Paula, Jeff and Ness and they look fuckin' rad. Check out my page. I added a transparent version of each sprite for you to use in the game in the project you shared with me. I'm gonna make them walking the other directions now :)


2017-09-16 19:23:03

the project dashboard won't let me upload gifs so I'm just gonna upload them right to my page but find some way so that only you can get to them

Don't want people stealing clean versions of my art without asking, mwahahah


2017-09-22 16:35:45

R u ded?
I'd love to keep working on Earthbound Flash. I think I made enough for you to use for now. Over world sprites, character portraits. I'll post all of the overworld sprites as transparent gifs so they'll be easier to use. Just check Out my page
Also I put so much effort into this I might make my own Earthbound fan game if you're's is still gonna take some time if you don't mind :)