Nothing just to Follow now!!

2017-06-01 19:46:24 by botnot435

Yep, you know the Title of this... You Follow me, I Follow you


You wouldn't mind "Clicking" this, right?


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2017-06-30 15:07:43

oh so ur now doing dis shady bosnieszs?

botnot435 responds:

Yes indeed mate!!


2017-07-23 08:21:19

I clicked it!

botnot435 responds:

(I think you're Following me already bro, don't let anybody see this!)


2017-08-19 10:32:05

Clicked it!

botnot435 responds:

Okay, thanks!!


2017-08-28 13:15:09

Hey, you wanna work on Earthbound Flash? I can draw up some art for the title screen, overworld sprites, battle animations, tell me anything you want.

botnot435 responds:

Really!? You want to do it with me!!?


2017-08-29 10:06:56

I wonder what sound effects can be used for the EarthBound Flash game.

botnot435 responds:

The Regular Sound Effects for the Original EarthBound game of course, PSI Effects, tone down some Effect so NOBODY wouldn't want ANY Seizures, rights?