I don't know...

2017-05-31 21:04:54 by botnot435

Oh! Umm.... I don't even know what to put for my Posts anymore!! They're kind of the same!!



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2017-05-31 21:12:01

That can happen to anyone,so don't worry about it!You can post news about your work(the ones you have submitted) and upcoming ones and maybe one or two posts about things that happened in your life.

botnot435 responds:

Yeah... But I kind of really just Click-Bait and stuff... But yeah, thanks for the Feedback and the Idea


2017-06-01 13:48:32

I can relate. lol

botnot435 responds:



2017-06-01 19:41:06

Okay then,happy to help anytime!

botnot435 responds:

Gotcha back too, m8