Yours Sincerely - Thx For Looking

2017-05-17 23:37:50 by botnot435

MY Life Depends on what Choices I make, gonna be going to Grade 10 next this October and I'm not gonna be okay... My entire Life is gonna be Shattered and I just have no idea about going to that place... Riverton, MB is the place I'm going to, with my Brother of course, (Mr. @rockbandkid120) and I are gonna do this together!! Our Resistance... But man, it's going to be Different!! So Different in fact, I don't even know what to do about it... The only thing is check my Facebook and Newgrounds, (IF I GET MYSELF STUFF, OF COURSE) I heard that's where Feelings and Emotions start... They mess you up inside, they eat you up, they make you cry... But you'll and most Importantly I will get over them, but just don't take it from me, Wel'll all be fine of course!

Yours Sincerely - botnot435


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2017-05-18 03:47:18

What place? What is going on? College? Who's gonna mess you up inside?

botnot435 responds:

Riverton Manitoba, Grade 10 (Highschool) And the Emotional feelings that I'm gonna go though, maybe a lot of people and I'm not the only one, you know?


2017-05-21 12:12:06

Hey man, just wanted to let you know It's not going to be as bad as it seems. I moved a lot when I was younger. One of those times It was right before my 10th grade year too, I was terrified, afraid I wouldn't make any friends, afraid people wouldn't like me, afraid I would spend the rest of my high school days alone. The first day I moved there the counselor suggested that I get involved in some clubs or sports team. I took her advice and joined a few clubs, made some friends and realized that all the things I had been stressing about was kind of crazy. Their will always be people who like you for you and enjoy the things you enjoy. My suggestion join a school club, get involved in extracurricular activities, or a school sports team. Everything will work out fine, if you have any questions or need someone to talk to about the anxiety of moving you're have feel free to message me.
Yours Sincerely,

botnot435 responds:

Thanks, I'll might as well do the same thing what you just told me, you sounded so Brave (Not lying, Honest) and yeah, I will sometime if i get there, Thanks for the Heads-up and the Advice, bro