Huh... Not Even Anything!

2017-04-29 01:55:36 by botnot435

So, i've been gone and i didn't even get another Fan? I wonder what's happening? So, the only thing to do now is... Probably just stay offline until i get to Grade 10? Yeah, i should,  you COULD say "Goodbye" for now, but i'll be back, i'll say that no one cares anymore i guess... Ahh, Just kidding just until i get to Grade 10, hope i'm not scaring anybody or something.... Like that, but anyways, hope to see some "Stuff" from you, hope to see from you guys, Messages, Reviews, Fans, etc. just... Keep my Alive, allright? Okay

But do NOT worry! I'll be Online "Sometimes"!! I will only be Online for a SHORT time, Comment, Reply to your Messages, Comment to the Post that people tag me in, or whenever i get "Somethinjg" from anybody...

So, hit me up!!


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2017-04-29 02:48:29

i have depression

botnot435 responds:

You'll get through it, but NOT like that, whatever you're thinking about Suicide, i forbid you from Choosing that Path, you'll go "Down"... With the Rest of "Them"... But yeah, you'll get through it, man, i know you can!!


2017-04-29 03:44:45


botnot435 responds:

No problem, man, just DON'T ever think about "it"


2017-04-30 13:24:30

I followed you cause you followed me. Thanks

botnot435 responds:

Thanks for the Feedback!! And hey, you're Welcome for it!!