Buddy? Homies? Anyone...?

2017-03-15 22:00:15 by botnot435





Haven't talked or Reached you guys in a LONG time... Where are you guys?


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2017-03-16 07:38:45

Hey there! Sorry that I have not seen you in a while, when my dad comes home after work, or when he's sleeping, i won't be on my computer. Other then that, sorry that I have not seen you in a while.

botnot435 responds:

It's alright man... Gotta let the your Pops rest, right? But it'a alright, just wanted to check on you guys... Haven't talked to you guys in a while, that's all!


2017-03-17 22:45:43

Geezous chirst I've haven't been on after 2 years/1 year what am doing??

botnot435 responds:

Well... You didn't tell me anything!! Just kidding, SHOULD'VE Tagged you, Flaery


2017-03-18 14:37:13

Ive started School, and I work full time. I barley have time now to draw, but I still try to get some time in there though.

botnot435 responds:

School, huh? Alright man!! Hope you Pass! And alright, i'll wait for it,
You just keep on Truckin'!


2017-04-19 10:46:07

I´m not active on newgrounds anymore...
I just got online because I was searching for something and then I saw this

botnot435 responds:

Wait... Really? Why? Just kidding, everybody has their Problems that need to be Solved... And yeah, have fun with life!!