2017-01-01 21:38:30 by botnot435

So, i guess it's 2017 yet... ALREADY HERE! and couldn't sleep that night too!

I truely wanna become a "Story Writer" when i get older! (Actually writing a story right now!)

By the way check out what @mesorocks drew for me! ( May not fit you but... It's awesome for me!


Thanks man i really love it! It's like a Christmas gift!



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2017-01-01 21:41:50


botnot435 responds:

(>.<) Just kidding i don't know what that means...


2017-01-02 05:11:17

Story writer....not bed idea...

botnot435 responds:

Yeah, i'm currently working on a Story called "Humble Beginnings!" which i still in work though... I only plan for it to have 5 Chapters total or more... 7 maybe?