Useful Stuff For Newgrounds? Then Look Here!

2016-12-22 23:45:39 by botnot435

So, this is some stuff that i collected along the way from 2014 and yes, this is where i Created my Profile with my shitty ASS name but i still like it it's like i'm not throwing it away! YET!

So here's the scoop, a LITTLE bit of HISTORY for Newgrounds...

Back then it use to have another Motto, and NO i don't mean "Everything, By Everyone" (2006-Present as in RIGHT NOW) back then it had a line and it said "The Problems Of The Future, Today!" back in 1995 to 2006 where it got changed! (Probably didn't like it...) "Tom Fulp" (The finder of Newgrounds) is actually an awesome guy (Thanks @TomFulp this place is FUCKING AWESOME) found it on July 6, 1995.... You can search it up or whenever you have time not you @TomFulp the people who are viewing this! (Sorry if i'm being an ass or if i'm not aloud to post this but... I'm sorry)

Okay, so i guess that Newgrounds has been changing a lot... AS WE SPEAK! As we could say "Updates" like if you keep you mouse on (Let me just say) Those "Portals" that say.... you know.... Right? Let me tell you about them! Kind of looks like it got changed where i used to check on my friends if they're online! And what i mean by that "Your Feed" and a little list will come down and including with the other ones too!

Such as... "Games, Movies, Audio ,Art," have them except for "Community and Portal" Let's just call them slides... But anyways... Eh i never really liked it kind of everytime i'm trying to click on something... I CLICK ON THOSE!

"Fans" Well you know what are these right? Already! Fans are the only people and i mean by a LOT of people really enjoy your Art, Games, etc, and people really want to see more stuff from you! I'm releasing "EarthBound Flash!" but i planned it for a FUTURE release but it depends if i don't suck cock at it!

"Posting" Posting... Well you guessed it! WORDS, WORDS, WORDS! Or pictures and stuff that's going on such as Events or Youtube things that you want to see! You can hold up to.... I DON'T KNOW how much Posts you can have how the hell i'm i supposed to know!? But Posts are Posts and i kind of love making them for fun and those.... You know? Right! "Comments!"

"Tagging" Well you know how to tag right? Well let me show you how! Just tag someone with an "@" and type their username! EXAMPLE? EXAMPLE TOLD! @rockbandkid120 would you please comment? Thanks bro! You know it won't probably show or he will not comment... SAD but anyways and it counts if they are on a post or whatever! If you catch my drift that is! But anyways i hope you do bro love ya! Let me show you another EXAMPLE:

"Me and @rockbandkid120 have been playing Sonic Generations this whole time and it's awesome!" Frick that sounds gay!

People i want to "TAG" as a "FAGGOT"

@rockbandki120 (My brother!)







Hope you guys have an AWESOME Christmas! Hope you guys stay safe and frosty! and i love you guys and gals as friends so don't take it the wrong way okay?

But anyways... Guys it's all i know and knowned so far i guess... Or if it changes again but anyways guys BotNot435 out! But still online for the next few days



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2016-12-23 00:30:34

Most of this stuff happened a few years ago I think. At one point we had dropdown menus which I liked, but now most of that's at the bottom of the page. The dropdowns weren't very mobile friendly. If you care about NG and like to help out, though, check my latest post. Lately a bunch of neerdowells have threatened our community, and we need help from users like you!

botnot435 responds:

Dropdowns huh? I really liked those too!
But... They're are D3D and we never got our chance to see our... I don't know what to say but Merry Christmas to you too bro! And i really like bringing up History... It's great to learn stuff!


2016-12-23 00:31:32

PS, merry Christmas, and watch out for ... you know. :P

botnot435 responds:

Merry Christmas to you too bro (Which i said already) And plus... Watch out for who now? SANTA!? i will!


2016-12-23 08:07:08

Wow i sure did got many tags these few days, huh XDD
Ahhh thanks XDDD

botnot435 responds:

(Just be like) How much? Just kidding!!!
Hope you have an Awesome Christmas, Cat


2016-12-23 08:56:24

Merry Christmas.

botnot435 responds:

Merry Christmas to you too bro!


2016-12-23 09:37:39

Merry Christmas!

botnot435 responds:

Hope you have an Awesome, Great Christmas @TomFulp! I really love this place to be honest!


2016-12-23 20:42:11

Not sure if you're calling me or yourself a faggot, but I'll gladly accept that description anyway. Merry Chrostmas.

botnot435 responds:

I meant myself not you Moon, but anyways hope you have an awesome and great Christmas @MoonLordress!


2016-12-24 03:51:30

Happy Christmas. Thought I'd stop by anyway.

botnot435 responds:

Merry Christmas to you too bro @Troisynx! It's okay anybody can stop by as long as they see this!


2016-12-24 18:41:51

Merry Christmas!:)

botnot435 responds:

Merry Christmas to you too man, hope you have an awesome one too!