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Oh well!

2016-08-25 02:10:34 by botnot435

Hey guys about that "EarthBound Flash!" game? I think i'm gonna revive it soon! And plus if your a Game Developer i might need your hand or i can stick with my Crew...



Are you guys up for it again?


2016-08-24 13:59:19 by botnot435

GET ME SOME FREAKIN' WATER!!!!! Just kidding this post is really stupid but i think people won't "Comment" on this thingy!

25 Fans!

2016-08-23 09:52:23 by botnot435

Oh well we are almost there guys! I got 23 Fans and im not asking for any right now... But i dont say this a lot either but lets see how much i can get! (But i dont usaully get that Fans that much.... Well not much anyways)


(Everything you see here is just does NOT make any complete SENCE!!!!)

... Guys?...

2016-08-21 20:55:18 by botnot435

Guys... Where's all my friends... I'm in the Dark and i can't get out... I need help you guys... Please give me something to calm me down...


2016-08-20 21:40:04 by botnot435

You no what Newgrounds!? I've really just don't show up on Newgrounds anymore... So i'm like kind of RARE to go on due to cause i'm always outside and stuff... So drop anything or anybody here okay?


2016-08-19 02:00:06 by botnot435

Guys.... I feel so lonely! I fell apart in REAL LIFE!!! Its just so freakin sad my whole Group left and fell apart.... And we all fell into Great Darkness....!

Is there even!?

2016-08-16 09:48:43 by botnot435

I'm just gonna bear it with you guys of Newgrounds and... There's barely even anything to do on Newgrounds! Like look at me i barely do anything Excited! Do i play games!? NO i just sometimes talk to some friends and see how are they and i don't know about me... (Probably find me ANNOYNG) and oh.... I got nothin' else to say Friends!


botnot435 says - Don't get any ideas okay my Child? Here have a picutre of this... "Thing" i found!



2016-08-12 15:45:24 by botnot435

Hey you! Yeah you! If your looking at this Post by the Coolest Guy ever! Your cool! And plus i want something to look at cuz i'm so FREAKIN' BORED right now!

So hit me up with anything! (Not less Boringish...)


2016-08-04 23:39:40 by botnot435

Yeah about that.... That "EarthBound Flash!" Game... Maybe it wasen't ment to be a Game after all i wanted it to be gone so i can Join @Artur-Felipe and @Arte45 in this new up coming Game! So, so, SO SORRY if you guys wanted to play it... But it just had to go down the Drain!

(I'm gonna get a lot of Hate through this way but i don't Care!)

EarthBound Flash! (IT'S NOT DONE!!!!!!!)

2016-08-04 09:22:38 by botnot435

WAIT GUYS I ACCIDENTLY LUACH THE GAME AND IT'S NOT DONE!!!!!! WHATEVER YOU DO JUST DON'T WAIT FOR IT TOO LOAD!!!!!!!!! I LUANCHED IT BY ACCIDENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!