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EarthBound.... Is done.....

2016-09-25 17:27:31 by botnot435

I actually managed to finish EarthBound in ONE RUN here are my stats


Time: Probably around 3 Hours, 58 Minutes, 9 Seconds (Just guesing cause i slept....)

Deaths: Around 23......

Hints used: 1


But i actually slept when i did this.....

Here's how it went i beated the whole game like in one DAY and i slept when i went to the PAST with Ness and i punched Giygas out in the morning!

EarthBound Time!

2016-09-24 17:14:30 by botnot435

Okay might as well go and kick some ass in EarthBound see ya all later!

(I might not come back so you guys will have to view something else... Than my awesome self)

Undertale Buizz!

2016-09-23 22:12:29 by botnot435

Who do you think is better Toriel or Undyne


2016-09-22 20:38:41 by botnot435



2016-09-20 19:31:15 by botnot435

Elyanna says: Nothing there is nothing to view here so why don't you go and check @rockbandkid120 out? He's a really awesome guy to check out and don't forget to FOLLOW him too!

How to get NOTICED!

2016-09-11 16:10:10 by botnot435

So you want sweet action of being Newgrounds FAMOUS!? Well look at this POST if you can!!!!!

POSTS - Well as you post some news about making a game or what not but you gott have some EXCITEMENT in it and like this one your viewing! Or it's just no good at all anyways!

FOLLOWERS - As you can progress your way through Following people on Newgrounds... Just try and follow them and they wil follow you back and trust me it works ost of the time! (Not all the time though)

POSTING - Whatever it is a GAME, ART, MOVIE you'l get noticed faster than usaul but lucky you.... Your really lucky if people like your taste of ART or even like the beats of your MUSIC! well.... Not rapping what the hell


Does this make any sence or no? Just follow it this way then!

#1 - Post some random things about youer life or even strange things like UPDATES or BETA things doesn't matter!

#2 - Follow them and they will Follow you back i promise this will work!

#3 - Post some MUSIC like Remixes of that game you played in the past or even Post some ART of your favorite Character but it has to be good as nails! Or some GAMES whgich you already know about


BotNot435 - So does this make any sence to you? YES or NO? Meh this might not actually help you but this is all i know about!

My Newgrounds Career.... So far anyways!

2016-09-10 22:02:59 by botnot435


1 Fan - Meh your never gonna get Noticed that fast!

5 Fans - Wow you'll get Noticed sometime in the Future!

10 Fans - Still not enough and plus you have to get more if you can!

15 Fans - You'll start to get more Notifications and more Messages this way! (Well that's a maybe there...)

20 Fans - You'll even get more POPULAR with the people around Newgrounds and you'll probably start thinking of  ART or even GAMES!

25 Fans - People will start to call you some nicknames for some reason..... Or unless it's just them trying to start some BEEF with you (Well my OPPOINION)

30 Fans - Haven't got this far yet but i'll keep trying!

EarthBound 4 LIFE!!!!

2016-09-06 21:45:03 by botnot435

Well who ever Comments on here you probably know EarthBound!

And plus by the way how many Comments can i get if People know the Classic game for the SNES "EarthBound"!

EarthBound.... Flash!?

2016-08-29 03:55:01 by botnot435

Sorry guys but that EarthBound Flash! game... I don't think i don't want to get to it.... It's just i don't have any Game Developers and that but.... At least i tried for something anyways! *Trying hard not to cry*


2016-08-26 00:51:57 by botnot435

Hey um guys... I'm gonna ask if your ever Interested in making a game "Doge the Game" and well it's gonna be a short ass game and it will be a Idle Clicker Game!

Are you up for it or not!?