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2016-08-19 02:00:06 by botnot435

Guys.... I feel so lonely! I fell apart in REAL LIFE!!! Its just so freakin sad my whole Group left and fell apart.... And we all fell into Great Darkness....!

Is there even!?

2016-08-16 09:48:43 by botnot435

I'm just gonna bear it with you guys of Newgrounds and... There's barely even anything to do on Newgrounds! Like look at me i barely do anything Excited! Do i play games!? NO i just sometimes talk to some friends and see how are they and i don't know about me... (Probably find me ANNOYNG) and oh.... I got nothin' else to say Friends!


botnot435 says - Don't get any ideas okay my Child? Here have a picutre of this... "Thing" i found!



2016-08-12 15:45:24 by botnot435

Hey you! Yeah you! If your looking at this Post by the Coolest Guy ever! Your cool! And plus i want something to look at cuz i'm so FREAKIN' BORED right now!

So hit me up with anything! (Not less Boringish...)


2016-08-04 23:39:40 by botnot435

Yeah about that.... That "EarthBound Flash!" Game... Maybe it wasen't ment to be a Game after all i wanted it to be gone so i can Join @Artur-Felipe and @Arte45 in this new up coming Game! So, so, SO SORRY if you guys wanted to play it... But it just had to go down the Drain!

(I'm gonna get a lot of Hate through this way but i don't Care!)

EarthBound Flash! (IT'S NOT DONE!!!!!!!)

2016-08-04 09:22:38 by botnot435

WAIT GUYS I ACCIDENTLY LUACH THE GAME AND IT'S NOT DONE!!!!!! WHATEVER YOU DO JUST DON'T WAIT FOR IT TOO LOAD!!!!!!!!! I LUANCHED IT BY ACCIDENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

EarthBound Flash!

2016-08-03 15:07:50 by botnot435

I don't know how to do this without Flash... But here are my Members!

@Ante45 (In charger of the Music)

@Artur-Felipe (In charge of the Game Making)

And me botnot435 in charge of the Storymaking!

I want to thank these guys for Helping me out! Hope you guys know EarthBound! (The name could have did better though!)

Makin' it!

2016-08-02 10:40:04 by botnot435

Hey guys BotNot (Yes the Cyborg's name that doen't make Sence) Here i'm just gonna make a quick thing about a Game that i am Uploading to Newgrounds... Hope you guys like it when it gets Dropped off!


2016-07-30 22:01:50 by botnot435

I'm so Freakin' Bored right now! Can anyone one pass somethin' to me? Doesen't matter what it is or something i can Read or View... So hit me up!


2016-07-30 02:32:24 by botnot435

As you look at my Profile Picture and my Post kind of looks funny! Looks like he saying: Go downstairs and get N0Sc0pEd! *Starts to laugh and feels bad about this Joke thing*


2016-07-29 17:08:00 by botnot435

Umm.... I'm totally lost about this whole thing about "Uploading games to Newgrounds" thing... So i've been wondering to myself..... How do i even get to Upload a File!? I'm totally lost about it! Can anyone help ME!? It would be definitely be really, really, REALLY Helpful if you guys HELP!!!