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Makin' it!

2016-08-02 10:40:04 by botnot435

Hey guys BotNot (Yes the Cyborg's name that doen't make Sence) Here i'm just gonna make a quick thing about a Game that i am Uploading to Newgrounds... Hope you guys like it when it gets Dropped off!


2016-07-30 22:01:50 by botnot435

I'm so Freakin' Bored right now! Can anyone one pass somethin' to me? Doesen't matter what it is or something i can Read or View... So hit me up!


2016-07-30 02:32:24 by botnot435

As you look at my Profile Picture and my Post kind of looks funny! Looks like he saying: Go downstairs and get N0Sc0pEd! *Starts to laugh and feels bad about this Joke thing*


2016-07-29 17:08:00 by botnot435

Umm.... I'm totally lost about this whole thing about "Uploading games to Newgrounds" thing... So i've been wondering to myself..... How do i even get to Upload a File!? I'm totally lost about it! Can anyone help ME!? It would be definitely be really, really, REALLY Helpful if you guys HELP!!!

I wanna change!

2016-07-27 13:18:13 by botnot435

I wanna change my Profile stuff... I'm kind of getting bored of Riolu and Lucario the'yre kind of BORING!!!! I want to change it to something more... Entertaining.... (You getting me? Anyone? No.... Okay!)


2016-07-05 17:00:19 by botnot435

It's so sad that the two best Anthro artists are leaving Newgrounds (Actually they are more active on DeviantArt) R.I.P (Mountain) D.E.W (DreamEclipseWolf) and Zinyak (Zinzoa) May you guys leave....


2016-07-01 19:50:57 by botnot435

I hate to tell you guys... But Newgrounds feels DED for some REASON!!!


2016-06-30 07:02:16 by botnot435

Where did everyone go?


2016-01-25 21:34:43 by botnot435

Yay it's 2016!!! sorry for not being online my friends!!!