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I need some Game Developers!

2016-10-05 21:28:41 by botnot435

Hey everybody you know that cancelled EarthBound Flash game..... Well i'm asking now and i want it complete and i want you guys to visit the game and i already got the music.... @Ante45 has it and i need some game developers.... Doesn't matter if it's the in game sprites or not if you want to creat them.... Don't worry i got everything for it i got the MEDALS and the REQUIREMENTS and no i won't press the LUANCH button again on @Artur-Felipe



By the way are you even sure you played thr Cave of the Past and are you sure you know everything's design all you need to do is just make the Cave of the past and the Devil's Machine and that other game stuff like returning home but not Two or the other places.... I just need Onett!


If only....

2016-10-03 19:12:05 by botnot435

If only if someone solve this song!

"In the chill of the night at the seen of a crime"

Guess what it it's a song by "The Ramones" by the way!

(Your cheating if you go and search it up you know?)


2016-10-01 15:52:09 by botnot435

Hey guys i'm making this POST if anywbody has anything to show me cause i'm bored as hell!

All i'm saying is hit me up with anything or show me something amusing!

Which is Better?

2016-09-28 21:55:27 by botnot435

So i heard there might be either Undertale, Pokemon and EarthBound fans type see if you are!


If your a Pokemon fan, type down "I Choose you Pokemon!"

If your a Undertale fan, type down " I Heart Undertale!"

If your a EarthBound fan, type down "I PK Love EarthBound!"

Who evers has the most FANS wins the POST! (Which is kind of bunk for me to Post here....)


2016-09-26 22:32:45 by botnot435

I want to thank my Followers right now but i don't know if you guys want to comment on this POST if you want..... Doesn't matter to me anyways!

EarthBound.... Is done.....

2016-09-25 17:27:31 by botnot435

I actually managed to finish EarthBound in ONE RUN here are my stats


Time: Probably around 3 Hours, 58 Minutes, 9 Seconds (Just guesing cause i slept....)

Deaths: Around 23......

Hints used: 1


But i actually slept when i did this.....

Here's how it went i beated the whole game like in one DAY and i slept when i went to the PAST with Ness and i punched Giygas out in the morning!

EarthBound Time!

2016-09-24 17:14:30 by botnot435

Okay might as well go and kick some ass in EarthBound see ya all later!

(I might not come back so you guys will have to view something else... Than my awesome self)

Undertale Buizz!

2016-09-23 22:12:29 by botnot435

Who do you think is better Toriel or Undyne


2016-09-22 20:38:41 by botnot435



2016-09-20 19:31:15 by botnot435

Elyanna says: Nothing there is nothing to view here so why don't you go and check @rockbandkid120 out? He's a really awesome guy to check out and don't forget to FOLLOW him too!