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Nothing just to Follow now!!

2017-06-01 19:46:24 by botnot435

Yep, you know the Title of this... You Follow me, I Follow you


You wouldn't mind "Clicking" this, right?

I don't know...

2017-05-31 21:04:54 by botnot435

Oh! Umm.... I don't even know what to put for my Posts anymore!! They're kind of the same!!


Yours Sincerely - Thx For Looking

2017-05-17 23:37:50 by botnot435

MY Life Depends on what Choices I make, gonna be going to Grade 10 next this October and I'm not gonna be okay... My entire Life is gonna be Shattered and I just have no idea about going to that place... Riverton, MB is the place I'm going to, with my Brother of course, (Mr. @rockbandkid120) and I are gonna do this together!! Our Resistance... But man, it's going to be Different!! So Different in fact, I don't even know what to do about it... The only thing is check my Facebook and Newgrounds, (IF I GET MYSELF STUFF, OF COURSE) I heard that's where Feelings and Emotions start... They mess you up inside, they eat you up, they make you cry... But you'll and most Importantly I will get over them, but just don't take it from me, Wel'll all be fine of course!

Yours Sincerely - botnot435

Huh... Not Even Anything!

2017-04-29 01:55:36 by botnot435

So, i've been gone and i didn't even get another Fan? I wonder what's happening? So, the only thing to do now is... Probably just stay offline until i get to Grade 10? Yeah, i should,  you COULD say "Goodbye" for now, but i'll be back, i'll say that no one cares anymore i guess... Ahh, Just kidding just until i get to Grade 10, hope i'm not scaring anybody or something.... Like that, but anyways, hope to see some "Stuff" from you, hope to see from you guys, Messages, Reviews, Fans, etc. just... Keep my Alive, allright? Okay

But do NOT worry! I'll be Online "Sometimes"!! I will only be Online for a SHORT time, Comment, Reply to your Messages, Comment to the Post that people tag me in, or whenever i get "Somethinjg" from anybody...

So, hit me up!!

Happy Birthday To Me!!!

2017-04-07 22:04:57 by botnot435

Alrighty!! Guess what Day is it? April 7th!! And it's my Birthday!!

15 Years Old, baby!!

Ms. Fortune from Skullgirls is MINE!!!

2017-03-30 03:04:01 by botnot435

You played Skullgirls, right? You know Ms. Fortune, right? That Cat Lady?

Freakin' Babe right here


Just Adore her! But don't look TOO much

Got These Games Done So Far!! (Xbox360/Live)

2017-03-26 21:52:27 by botnot435

Okay, so i've been KIND of on my Xbox360 and i know! I know sometimes i haven't been Online on Newgrounds, well... Kind of Offline on Xbox Live too... Sorry! But, i've been Completing games! You know what i mean already, right? Complete Games such as Completed Achievement Lists? And here are the ones i've Completed!!! So Far!!


#1 Sonic The Hedgehog (XBLA Ver.)

#2 Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (XBLA Ver.)

#3 Sonic The Hedgehog 3 (XBLA Ver.)

#4 Sonic & Knuckles (XBLA Ver.)

#5 Sonic CD (Remake Ver.)

#6 Sonic The Fighters (Remake Ver.)

#7 Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing

#8 Sonic Generations

#9 Harms Way (XBLA)

#10 Comix Zone (XBLA Ver.)

#11 Adventure Time: Secret Of The Nameless Kingdom

#12 Life Is Strange


Wanna play with me Sometime? (Not that way)

Gamercard: BotNot435 (CAPS)

Hope to see who ADDs this!!


Buddy? Homies? Anyone...?

2017-03-15 22:00:15 by botnot435





Haven't talked or Reached you guys in a LONG time... Where are you guys?

Any OCs, Anybody!

2017-03-05 01:13:21 by botnot435

So, i MAY have been Wondering! People of Newgrounds! Here is the Thing i am going to say, i am Going to be Writing an Another Story (Instead of Humble Beginnings!) And, i need some of your OCs to Participate, and YES they WILL have a Role! IT IS NOT going to be Sexual or anything (Unless you want it to be, i could make it like that)

So, how about it, you want YOUR Character to be in the Spotlight! Or no... Come and Think about IT!

(And YES, i write my Stories in Wordpad, what, got Something else or what)

Let your Character go on an Adventure to Save the World! Rule the World! Or even Conquer it!

Why? Why "Posting" Anyways?

2017-02-20 05:24:48 by botnot435

Why make a Post in the First Place when you don't even get Reactions to it?

Just watch nothing for this one anyways!